After the first coordinating meeting in Copenhagen on January 27, Lead Partners finalized the work plans for 2006 in their respective work packages and first working group meetings have been scheduled for spring 2006.
The EUnetHTA project proposal has been approved for co-financing from the Commission subject to further legal and financial specifications will be provided.
On September 5, 2005 we received official notice from the European Commission confirming acceptance of EUnetHTA proposal request for the EU co-financing.
The Coordinating Secretariat has learned from the ministerial sources that the EUnetHTA project has received high marks from the Directorate SANCO’s evaluation committee. Therefore, the project proposal would be going into the negotiation phase of the application process.
EUnetHTA Open Meeting was held at the HTAi Conference in Rome on June 20, 2005, 16:30-18:00.