The European Medicines Agency and representatives from the European network for Health Technology Assessment (EUnetHTA) Joint Action met in London on 11 February 2010 for the first of a series of workshops.
The EUnetHTA Joint Action (European network for HTA Joint Action) grant agreement has been signed by the EU Executive Agency for Health and Consumers and the Coordinator (National Board of Health of Denmark) on behalf of 33 partners in 23 EU Member States and Norway and the Joint Action now begins its activities.
Drug Information Association (DIA) is organising an HTA Forum on November 25-26, 2009, in Paris, France.
On May 20, 2009 the EUnetHTA Secretariat submitted to the European Commission a grant application for a Joint Action (JA) on HTA on behalf of 33 organisations officially nominated by the Ministries of Health from 23 EU Member States and Norway.
Thirty two organisations from 23 EU Member States and 2 EEA/EFTA countries (Norway, Switzerland) confirmed their participation in the EUnetHTA Joint Action on HTA between Member States and the Commission.