Currently the Steering Committee of the EUnetHTA project is preparing a proposal for the future European HTA Collaboration (ie, beyond the project time frame, 2006-2008) that includes the vision, mission, aims and values of the future EUnetHTA Collaboration, including its key functions.
The first preliminary results from Work Package 4 (WP4, Core HTA), WP5 (Adapting HTAs to new settings), and WP7 (monitoring new technologies and prioritisation of HTA) were presented on June 17 during a pre-conference workshop “EUnetHTA – transnational methodological developments” organised by EUnetHTA at the annual international HTAi conference in Barcelona.
The first EUnetHTA Core Model for HTA will be made public on the 17th of June at the Annual Meeting of HTAi in Barcelona. Simultaneously, the first practical application of the model - the core HTA on drug eluting stents - will be made public. Both documents are still drafts and subject to validation, review and refinement.
The European Commission is currently developing a new Health Strategy which it aims to adopt in the summer 2007.
In its 2007 Annual Policy Strategy, the Commission aims to develop a Community framework for safe, high quality and efficient health services, by reinforcing cooperation between Member States and providing certainty over the application of Community law to health services and healthcare.