JA2-WP6 EUnetHTA Joint Action 2 (2012-15)
2016 - PDF

Since its inception in 2006, EUnetHTA has developed several IT tools. Work Package 6 of Joint Action 2, “Information Management Infrastructure and Services”, provided the Website, the Intranet  and the Planned and Ongoing Projects database (POP DB) and the associated services (support, training, management). WP6 also acted as a forum for developers the other tools in order to ensure consistency of the user experience (continuation of JA1 WP6 activity): the web conferencing was provided by WP1, the EVIDENT database part of WP7 activities, and the HTA Core Model® online tool, part of WP8 activities.

This report summarises the results of JA2 WP6 and provides recommendations for the future of the EUnetHTA information management infrastructure.