EUnetHTA Joint Action 3 (2016-20)

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  To accompany the upcoming EUnetHTA 2019 Assembly & Forum 0n 10-11th April in Amsterdam, a Welcome Guide has been developed to give participants and attendees a thorough overview of the event proceedings, practical information, and EUnetHTA's working activities. The guide is

EUnetHTA has developed documentation to address Conflict of Interest (COI) concerns and assist in the decision-making process relating to the assessment of individuals potentially involved in EUnetHTA JA3 activities. The Procedure Guidance for handling Declaration of Interest (DOI) details how

EUnetHTA recently started a new Joint Assessment on a medicinal product for secondary progressive MS. To find out about participation, please read more here. Input submissions will be received through till EOB, April 28th.

This is the assessment of the relative effectiveness of  ‘Sotagliflozin is indicated as an adjunct to insulin therapy to improve glycaemic control in adults with type 1 diabetes mellitus with a Body Mass Index (BMI) ≥ 27 kg/m2, who have

The Collaborative Assessment, OTCA12, on “C-reactive protein point-of-care testing (CRP POCT) to guide antibiotic prescribing in primary care settings for acute respiratory tract infections (RTIs)” is now available. We are pleased to announce that the collaborative rapid assessment on “C-reactive

We are pleased to announce that the collaborative rapid assessment, OTCA16, on “BIORESORBABLE STENTS FOR THE TREATMENT OF CARDIOVASCULAR INDICATIONS (CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE)” is now available. The health technology assessed is a device for percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). The objective of

Final Assessment Report, External Comments/Answers and Project Plan for Other Technologies CA MammaPrint® This is the assessment of the relative effectiveness of MammaPrint® - Added value of using the gene expression signature test MammaPrint® for adjuvant chemotherapy decision-making in early breast