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EUnetHTA Early Dialogues – Status during EUnetHTA prolongation period

The current pandemic situation has put additional strain on European health systems and HTA bodies have not been immune to this impact. The unfortunate result of this has been the temporary suspension of EUnetHTA Early Dialogues (EDs).​

We are pleased to announce that the EUnetHTA Executive Board has recognized the interest to continue to offer EDs through the EUnetHTA prolongation period (through May 31, 2021).

For that purpose, additional EUnetHTA budget will be allocated for the ED activity to be reopened. EUnetHTA will aim to conduct 1 ED per month with a maximum 8 EDs during this period of the EUnetHTA prolongation. Primary selection of products, based on an open call to industry, will be carried out during the summer in order to restart ED activities in September 2020. The WP5 Lead and Co-Lead partners are working together with EMA on a more efficient procedure while ensuring the best scientific quality and coordination. The final details on the new procedure and the selection of the EDs will be announced on the EUnetHTA website end of June.

Fees may apply for the participation of some HTA bodies in EDs if the attendance is wished by the industry.