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EUnetHTA Open Meeting at HTAi Rome, Italy

EUnetHTA Open Meeting was held at the HTAi Conference in Rome on June 20, 2005, 16:30-18:00.

Around 50 meeting’s participants at the HTAi conference had an opportunity to learn about the background for the EUnetHTA project proposal, its content and structure, and to ask questions to the project’s lead partners and coordinating secretariat.

During the Q&A session a few areas of immediate interest were identified, ie, relationship with other HTA collaborative initiatives (INAHTA, EuroScan, etc) and mechanism for avoiding unnecessary duplication, process of involving newly formed HTA organisations in EUnetHTA, quality assurance issues for the EUnetHTA clearinghouse, mechanism of stakeholder involvement in the EUnetHTA processes, relationship with industry, sustainability of the EUnetHTA beyond the project’s time frame (3 years). Provided the project becomes a reality, the planned FAQ area of the website will address some of the questions raised during the meeting.

EUnetHTA project proposal is currently being evaluated by the EU Directorate General on Health and Consumer Protection (SANCO). The result of the evaluation process will be announced no later than September 2005.