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OTCA24 Final Assessment Report now available.

The final assessment report and related documentation is now available for Rapid Relative Effectiveness Assessment OTCA24 ‘The 24-hour blood pressure measurement device Mobil-O- Graph® with the built-in algorithm ARCSolver® to measure arterial stiffness for the optimization of hypertension treatment’.

Mobil-O-Graph® is a blood pressure measuring device that measures peripheral blood pressure. It can be coupled with ARCSolver® algorithm that uses pulse wave analysis to calculate parameters based on peripheral blood pressure, which are considered as measures of arterial stiffness. Arterial stiffness parameters can be used to get a more accurate measure of hypertension and to assess the risk of cardiovascular disease.

This rapid assessment addresses the issue whether the pulse wave analysis device Mobil-O-Graph® with the ARCSolver® algorithm in the outpatient setting is more effective and/or safer in patients at risk of cardiovascular events or in diagnosing and monitoring hypertension, compared to current standard practice.

Access all documents here:

OTCA24 Final Assessment Report

OTCA24 Comments from External Experts and Manufacturers

OTCA24 Final Project Plan (revised)

Fact check comments from manufacturers including author replies, and comments from external experts