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OTJA10 – Final Assessment report and related documents are now available

EUnetHTA started an “Error reporting and correction” procedure on 04/05/2020. The reported error was not classified as an error by EUnetHTA and the Assessment Team, therefore no changes to the assessment report were needed. The comments received including the answers from the authoring team are published for transparency reasons. See here.

We are pleased to announce that the final assessment report for OTJA10 ‘Stool DNA testing for early detection of colorectal cancer’, together with the fact check comments from manufacturers and comments from external experts including the replies of the author, are now available for access.

The health technology assessed is a non-invasive device for the early detection of colorectal cancer that supplements the established fecal occult blood tests with the stool-based analysis of tumor DNA. The objective of this assessment was to evaluate whether Stool DNA testing (alone or in addition to occult blood testing) in adult patients from a colorectal cancer screening population is more effective and/or safer than other available colorectal cancer screening tests.

Please access the documentation at the following links:

OTJA10 Final Assessment Report

OTJA10 – Comments from External Experts and Manufacturer

OTJA10 – Final Project Plan

OTJA10 – Project Plan Input from External Experts and Manufacturer